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June 16, 2018 · 1 minute read
Tags: Manifesto, Local Excellence, Rural Excellence, Society

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Written by Ferris Ellis on June 16th, 2018. All rights reserved.

There’s more to society than rural and urban; than buildings and pavement; than a place’s “development”. There are qualities more important. There is culture, art, and food; music, sunrises, and naps under shady trees; bustling markets, quiet views, and familiar paths; communities, friends, and family.

These are unique to each place. They are its holistic quality; what form our memories of it; what each uniquely excels at. This holistic quality is Local Excellence. It’s what we love of where we grew up; where we live and try to make a life; where we hope is better for those after us.

We must strive for this quality when we build homes and towns; when we design gardens and schools; when we sculpt cities and subways. We must strive for excellence that is unique and reverent to each place. Rural Excellence for rural countrysides. Urban Excellence for urban skylines. Local Excellence for the people whose lives, art, music, and culture exist in the fabrics we weave with brick, wood, steel, and concrete.

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