A Life of Dreams

February 1, 2019 · 1 minute read
Tags: Poem, Dreams

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Written by Ferris Ellis on December 14th, 2018. All rights reserved.

Oceans suspended.
Forever in churning motion.
Captive to my many moons drifting through space.
A luminous army, making light of night.
Forever cycling the sky;
forever denying yesterday;
unlike the lines on my face.

But tonight is different.
Tonight is a life of dreams.
No moons, no tide.
Engulfed in tranquil darkness;
I watch a miracle of dance;
by diamonds of light.
Perfectly uncountable;
they shine, divinely fierce.
They are of what was.
Each born in a breath.
Some dim, others bright.
They come from us.
And each of us, from them.

A child of stardust;
home in this labyrinth of horizons;
I wander through the beach of memories;
guided by footprints in the stars.
And in this night, rooted in the sky, I hear them.
The constellations, chanting in melodies of echoes.
Familiar as they are foreign.
I listen, reminding the stars of who we are.

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